Nationwide Health and Disability Advocacy Service

Claire Raisin (Christchurch)

Specialist Deaf Advocate


Text 027 289 6419

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Contact Details

  • Anna Dubbelt (Auckland)
  • Donna Allan (Wellington)
  • txt: (Auckland) 027 289 6423
  • txt: (Wellington) 027 2334905
  • Fax: 0800 2 SUPPORT / 0800 2787 7678
  • email: Email and Skype (Auckland)
  • email: Email and Skype (Wellington)

About us

Advocates assist people with making sure their rights are respected. They help consumers to resolve complaints about health or disability services.  An advocate is on the side of consumers. This means the advocate will:

- listen to your concerns

- give you information about your rights

- help you to explore the options available, including ways to make a complaint

- support you in the actions you decide to take to resolve your concerns

- give you practical support, such as helping to write a letter or accompanying you to a resolution meeting with the provider

- give you guidance and information on self-advocacy

How are we Deaf friendly?

Although they will be responding to enquiries and assisting consumers to resolve complaints, the most significant part of the role of the Deaf advocates will be networking and providing education sessions.

The education sessions for health and disability providers will focus on such areas as understanding Deaf culture, communicating effectively with Deaf consumers and dealing respectfully with them. The  Code of Rights will provide  the framework for meeting the rights of the Deaf community using these services.

As well as education about their rights, self advocacy sessions will be provided to Deaf consumers to enable them to develop skills to advocate on their own behalf when matters of concern are outside the advocate's jurisdiction.  The advocate is able to act as a mentor and sounding board for a consumer advocating for themselves.